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Capturing the magic and mystery of the  mountains with personal moments, fun-filled performances, and tale-spinning events

with imagination

Entertaining Events

From Knee-slapping to Hand-clapping

Combining the Magic and Mystery of the Moment

Fun, Focused, Creative, Uplifting

Family-friendly - No cussin’, No fussin’,

No preachin’, No politicin’

stories that stimulate curiosity


Peacock Performing Arts Center
Hayesville, NC

-  admission  -

Performing at the Peacock

John C. Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, NC

-  free  -


​Corner Coffee and Wine Shop
Hayesville, NC


-  free  -

Open Mic Night


and more

Book a Storyteller


Book Me for Venues or Events!

Audiences of One to One Thousand,
Story and Music, and much more,
Creating a Stage to Showcase Talent

and Please a Crowd

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Samples of performance events


  • Managing an Open Mic

  • Filling the Community Theater Stage

  • Outdoors at the Park, Gazebo or Courthouse Square

  • Around the Campfire or the Family Tree


Book Me for Storytelling Workshops!

Bringing the art of oral storytelling to life…

From Podium to PowerPoint,
From an Hour to a Day,
Connecting, Collaborating, Supporting,
Workshops, Group Sharing, Team Building

Samples of programs and workshops

  • Putting Magic and Mystery in Your Stories

  • Starting from Scratch - Courageously Getting Going

  • Sign Up, Stand Up, Speak Up - Polishing the Apple

  • Selling Snow Shovels in Alaska - Business of Storytelling

  • So You Want to Be a Storyteller - Entertaining Grandchildren

  • Reminiscing, Storytelling and Capturing Personal History

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Book Me for Storytelling Coaching!

Taking Time to Polish the Apple

From Trust to Talent

Encouraging, Engaging, Focused

Private Centered on the Power of One

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Let Me Tell You a Story

As Hosted By


What Folks are Saying

he draws you in

"Part of what makes Kanute magical is his authenticity. The experiences he shares might not be the exact experiences you have had, but the moment he shares them, you are drawn in and you harken to a place in your heart that is new and old at the same time. That is why, if he switches to a tall tale or a folk tale, the place he takes us is as real as the living land of The Velveteen Rabbit."

- Andy Offutt Irwin,

Award-winning, nationally-recognized storyteller, humorist and musician

sharing his enthusiasm

“Kanute Rarey’s deep love of storytelling infuses all that he does. As an event producer, he works tirelessly to share the art form with others, and when he tells stories, his enthusiasm shines through in personal stories and folktales sprinkled with universal truths.”

- Amanda Lawrence,

Featured regional teller and co-founder of Georgia Mountain Storytelling Festival

Stay Tuned

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