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My inspiration comes from my passion for life. I spent a life time working to make life better for people in need with health problems. I love people and never liked to see people struggle…struggle to breath, struggle to over come pain, struggle to move or struggle to “feel” okay. We all have stories to share.


My interest is selfish. It comes from a desire to personally remember and reminisce. It comes from my desire to use my imagination, to create and shape a story that I feel others may find a connection.  We share stories from our history, from our daily life and from our experiences. It is important we share our stories and those that are passed down to us. 


Come watch Kanute tell at recurring monthly and annual events in Western North Carolina and North Georgia!


Invite Kanute to facilitate storytelling magic at your own event!

Storytelling is a sharing and a way we can learn from our ancestors.  The native American tales provide us lessons and characters that shape the world in simple but fundamental terms that prepare us for living.


Stories educate, entertain, teach values and preserve our culture. I find that intriguing. It drives me to follow my own instincts each day. Today I find that in an ever-unfolding journey as a storyteller and as a promoter of story for the story creator, story lover and story listener.


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